NOASC 2014-09-19 13:31:40
*Job type Restaurant Staff *No. of positions 5~7 persons *Period December 2014 to 2015 March 31st Summer work also available in NOASC group of companies. *Work Times Shift work 17:00~02:00 *Job description Kitchenhand/ Waitering/ Waitressing Food preparation Restaurant cleaning Sales Snow clearing Driving of vehicles, including Pick-up and drop-off of customers *Requirements/ Qualification Exp. preferred. Hospitality, customer care experience and some Japanese ability. ※Successful applicants can also work outside of this Job where appropriate. *Wage Starting from 940 yen per/hr., and standard overtime rates. *Payday Once per month, payment on the 15th of the month. *Superannuation Insurance Yes, available to eligible staff. All staff covered by workplace insurance while working. All foreign staff are recommended to possess their own insurances to cover themselves outside of working hours. *Other Dormitory Accommodation (incl. utilities) at 10,000yen per month. Free participation on other NOASC activities, and further training opportunities. *How to Apply Online at our website, E-mail, or post a full resume to NOASC. *Contact Ross