MnK Niseko 2019-08-12 06:08:29
MnK currently manages 114 properties. The majority of the properties are rented out to guests on a nightly basis while a few owners do not rent their homes. MnK offer a number of services to owners under the property management agreement. These services include: Managing the finances of the property via holding funds for the owner via a trust account Financial Reporting to the owner regarding their income and expenses Paying bills/utilities/invoices Managing the maintenance of the property Arranging special requests such as furniture, deliveries, concierge services, etc. The depth of the relationship with owners will vary depending on the individual owner requirements. You will be part of a dedicated team that looks after their requirements. The team includes the accounts department that pays their bills, an in-house maintenance team, front desk staff to meet and greet owners, and a guest services team that handles their concierge and related requests. In your role, financial analysis is a key requirement as you will often be required to investigate the yearly or monthly financial statements in order to explain the items. Further to this, you will often have to relate these costs/fees in relation to their property management agreement so they understand the basis of cost/fee. Having a solid understanding of how the finances relate to the legal contracts is also beneficial for this role. Within this department, you will have direct contact with the CEO, General Manager, and Owner Liaison Manager as owner satisfaction is the key metric to our business success. In order to be efficient and effective in your role, you will need to collaborate regularly with the Property Management/Maintenance team, front desk and operations managers and the guest services team as you will be asked to obtain quotes and help organize building renovations, new furniture being installed, artwork, landscaping, etc. Key Responsibilities - Answering queries from Owners in writing and in person - Create and manage the owner stay / owner guest stays in the reservations system - Create and manage the set up of a new owner / new property in the trust accounting and reservations system - Manage special requests of owners (reception of deliveries, send pictures, move items from owner storage, etc) - Monthly and yearly report presentation of owner trust accounts - Monthly accounting of owner trust accounts (expenses and rental income) - Support owners and their tax accountants with reports of their trust account, rental income and additional information on expenses (copy of invoices, bills, etc) Key Skills: - Strong communication ability - Organizational skills - Project management skills - Multi-tasking and task management - Problem solving - Attention to detail - Independent thinker, with ability to work in a team Job Requirements: - Bachelor’s Degree or Higher - Experience with other cultures - Computer proficient - Microsoft Office Suite Proficient - High level of English Fluency (Japanese or Mandarin is highly desirable) - Ability to acquire a Japanese Visa (MnK will help with immigration) - Must hold a valid Japanese driver’s license or International Driving Permit Benefits: 10 days of paid leave and public holidays. Social security/insurance benefits included. Company personal improvement subsidy (can be used for language study or other courses). Yearly company trip and regular seasonal events. Flexible working hours. Bi-annual bonuses as well as sales performance bonuses. If you are interested in or have some questions, please feel free to contact to : We are looking forward to hearing from you!