NOASC 2015-06-09 23:17:47
Enjoy the great Niseko Snow while working for NOASC as a Ski/Snowboard Instructor this coming 2015/2016 Winter. [No.of Positions]10 [Period of Employment]2015 Dec.1st to approx. 2016 Feb.30th (shorter periods are acceptable). [Work time]8:00~17:00 [Requirements]Instructor (incl. quals.) experience, and Japanese ability preferred.       ※Instructors can work outside of NOASC lessons on approval. [Wage]Starting from 4,000yen per half-day lesson (plus qual. allowance)      SAJ Instructor or equivalent plus 1,000yen      SAJ Level 2 Instructor or equivalent plus 2,000yen      SAJ Level 2 Instructor or equivalent plus 3,000yen     ( Min. wage guarantee of:50,000yen/mth (incl. work other than instructing)). For Instructors who complete their contract further reimbursement of their commercial winter season pass. For Instructors who continue working for NOASC through summer, 100% will be re-imbursed at the end of summer. All summer training will be provided free of charge to winter staff who continue on into summer. [Payday]Once per month, on the 15th of each month. [Superannuation Insurance]Yes, available to eligible staff. All staff covered by workplace insurance while working. All foreign staff are recommended to possess their own insurances to cover themselves outside of working hours. [Other]Dormitory Accommodation (incl. utilities and wi-fi) at 10-15,000yen per month and use of staff car for drivers with International licence and experience. Free participation on other NOASC activities, and further training opportunities. [How to Apply]Online at our website, E-mail, or post a full resume to NOASC. [Contact]Ross