NOASC 2013-08-18 13:27:39
[No.of Positions]3 persons. [Job Period]2014 Dec.1st to approx. 2015 Mar.30th. Shorter periods are accepted. [Work times]approx. 8:00~17:00 [Requirements]Guiding Experience and qualifications (, JAN OL1+, or CAA OL1+ or equivalent). AST quals also considered.       For persons without exp., quals., support/tail-end guiding work is available. A manual driving licence with winter driving exp., is preferred. Medium Rigid driving licence for driving up to 29 seater mirco-buses preferred.       ※Successful applicants can also work outside of this Job where appropriate. [Wage]8,000yen per tour(plus Qualification allowance)       Support / Tailend guide from 750yen per hour. [Payday]Once per month on 15th of the month. [Superannuation Insurance]Yes, to eligible staff. All staff covered by workplace insurance while working. All foreign staff are recommended to possess their own insurances to cover themselves outside of working hours. [Other]Dormitory Accommodation 20-30,000yen per month (incl. utilities) [How to apply]Apply online at our website, or E-mail, or post a full resume to NOASC [Contact]Ross