satudora 2019-10-28 02:35:43
Hirafu area. We have staff accommodation in Kutchan town with monthly rent of 35,000~45,000 JPY. Fully equipped with home appliances(Refrigerator・Washing machine・Microwave・bedding).Free Wi-Fi is equipped so you can connect to the Internet at home! Contact us at if interested. Looking forward to your application! (1) Hourly wage ・For English or Chinese speakers: 1,100 JPY ・For others: 900 JPY~ ・100 JPY will be added after 5 PM (e.g. 1,200 JPY for English / Chinese speakers) (2) Work hours 4~7 hours/ day * 9:00~17:00 / 16:30~23:30 / 18:00~23:30 etc. * Negotiable (3) Others ・No qualification needed ・No matter if you are a seasonal worker or not ・The hourly wage will change after April 16(900 JPY~) (4) Employment page * Direct entry is possible here!