maruyama 2019-09-24 06:33:24
RESTAURANT KITCHEN POSITION IN KABAYAMA *New and Clean accommodation in Kucthan town* *Transportation from accommodation to work is available* *Seasonal Ski pass will be available* *Delicious staff Meal are included KITCHEN STAFF Criteria for Hourly         Main Duties Non-Experience or within 1 year →Basic Cooking prep, Cleaning, Dish & Glass washes. 1000 yen More than 1 year         →Main Prep, Cold station, Stove, Fry ,Daily Stock Check 1100yen More than 2 year        →Pit master (Main Griller),Food Ordering, Quality control. 1200yen and above... Term -20th of November -The end of February or up to 20th of march Working hour -8hr or 5hr Shift – 6:00-11:00 / 6:30-15:30 (1hr Break included) / 14:00-23:00(1hr Break included) 17:30-22:30 Who we are looking for -Be proactive -Be cheerful -Good communicator -Great Challenger Please contact me with your resume at