rambotrader 2015-01-27 12:14:14
My wife and I are heading to Niseko for 2 months in 2016 and need suitable accommodation. Whilst we need a bit more than a room we are open to all offers. Criteria are: clean, not run down, non smoker digs, quiet, snowfield accessible and affordable. We prefer a kitchen but are amenable to buying a food package. We are also in our early 60s and great tenants wherever we go in the world. If the above list is not insurmountable then please contact us with offers. If not then helpful suggestions are most welcome. Thanks and enjoy that lovely powder. Please email at: rambotrader@hotmail.com if you can offer us some suitable accommodation. Thanks.
rambotrader (2015-01-28 12:41:11)
Please email me at: rambotrader@hotmail.com if you can help us. Thanks.