Nao20niseko 2015-05-07 21:25:36
I'm Nao, a 20 year old Japanese, currently living in Croatia with my fiance, Kristijan, a 24 year old Croat. We both are willing to work in Niseko in 2015-2016 season. Last season, I worked in a bar there. This year, I'd love to meet new people and have new experiences! Nao: I speak English and Japanese (and I speak just basic Croatian). I've been skiing for 17 years or a bit more. I admire nature. I'm a painter and like to try other forms of art. I love playing and singing with the ukulele. I like cleaning, cooking, talking, learning something new and so on. When I'm relaxed, I can be really bright. Everyone says I'm weird, funny and very open and I think so too. I'm also calm and can be serious when it comes to work. Kristijan: I speak Croatian, English, German, Italian and basic Japanese. Because of this Croatian culture, I am used to work long hours everyday. I can carry really heavy stuff too. I am good at organising things. I do my best on whatever it is. I like cooking and talking with people. I'm interested in History and Politics. I'm trustworthy, funny, honest and friendly according to my friends. We are coming to Japan around October or November. Hopefully we would like to work together or at least in the same area in Niseko! If you are interested in us, please contact
Shizuka (2015-05-24 16:24:49)
Hi Nao & Kristijian, my name is Felix and I own a property in Niseko Hirafu. The 4 storey building is situated on Momiji Street right next to the M Hotel and construction will start shortly. The building will be completed by 18 Dec and one of the first facility to open will be a high end Teppanyaki Restaurant. Would you please send me your resume plus your latest photos to my email at For the right candidate we provide salary (of course) plus staff accommodation. Cheers, Felix