Nao20niseko 2016-09-24 14:17:09
Hello! We are a married couple (Nao & Kristijan) living in Croatia. Nao worked at a bar in Niseko two years ago and this winter both of us are looking for jobs. (We don't mind getting different jobs.) Nao Age: 22 Language: English and Japanese Skill: Skier (since 4 years old), freelance translator of English and Japanese, illustrator Hobby: Cooking, garden, cleaning Job Experiences: Bartending, translator Kristijan Age: 25 Language: Croatian, English, German, Italian Skill: Heavy labor (used to work more than 12 hours a day without a day off), PC, customer service Job Experiences: Waiter, room service, traffic control, warehouse worker, administrator Email:
inkarebaza (2016-09-25 11:17:15)
Please e-mail us at