kaybee 2017-11-16 07:55:21
URGENT Looking for full-time work in the Shiribeshi region. Native speaker of English (American), speaks Japanese fluently (reads hiragana, katakana, and a little kanji), has been an ESL teacher for 13+ years (students of all ages), looking for job starting April 2018. Also very experienced in writing, translation, and public speaking. Current job is as an ESL teacher, been at the same company over ten years here in Japan. Two Bachelor's degrees in East Asian history and comparative linguistics -- I have a working visa. WE WANT TO STAY HERE. I'm married with two school-age children, we live in Iwanai-cho and we want to not move away if we don't have to -- we love it here. Can provide resume (curriculum vitae) with details, including physical address, etc, via email. Please email at kaynbernard (at) yahoo (dot) com or gmail (dot) com. Thank you! Any help appreciated.