Tangtang 2016-02-14 09:57:49
Hello guys, I lost my GoPro hero 3+ in Annupuri on Thursday February 11th (2016). The wifi channel (you can activate and see it on your phone by pressing the wifi button on the left side) is TanGoPro. It was with a GoPro stick, and contains a 64g memory card (full) with all my holidays memories. If you look at the contents, you should see a snowboarder with a yellow pants in the vid/pics. I would do anything to get it back !
Snowfun (2016-02-15 01:18:58)
Hey its your lucky day as found your GoPro : ), email me on nickeane68@gmail to organise getting it back.
Tangtang (2016-02-15 04:08:59)
Thanks so much Snowfun !
I sent you an email.