vbjornstrom 2015-09-14 07:33:19
We're six swedes coming to hokkaido from around 28/12 until 10/1. However, we need a place to stay. Everything from a full sized house to a smaller apartment och rooms are interesting. We can offer you payment in advance. Don't hesitate to contact us! Regards, Viktor
vojtalim (2015-09-14 12:24:37)
Hi Viktor, I could help you with the accommodation. We are sherpasride.com and organize freeride camps in Japan. If you are interested, I could offer you following plan, I could help you with finding accommodation between 28/12 and 2/1, on 3/1 you could join our freeride camp (powder skiing in different resorts, guiding, some backcountry days - if interested, avi gear + powder skies to borrow for free, apart from that, camp includes breakfasts, accommodation and powder pictures for the whole group). If you are 6, you would be separate group with one guide and one van, so great flexibility to ski where the conditions are best). Camp costs 1790 EUR. Please check the details at http://www.sherpasride.com/ski-japan.html and let me now at hello@sherpasride.com if you are interested. Cheers. Vojta