Admin 2010-10-02 10:51:33
[img]/images/Sponsor2010-TheBarn-DinnerForTwo-Version1.png[/img] Predicting each winter's first Niseko Hirafu snowfall has become something of a tradition here at The Kutchannel. This is our 3rd Annual "Niseko First Snow" contest, and this year we'd like to introduce our exclusive sponsor, [url=]The Barn[/url], and a new system for tracking entries. You can now use your Kutchannel username and password to log into and make your prediction for when we will have the first sustained snowfall in Niseko Hirafu at village level. Please do so now, it is free and easy! If your prediction proves more accurate than anyone else's, than you will receive a FREE world class dinner for two at Hokkaido's one and only alpine French bistro, [url=]The Barn[/url], offering all-season alpine food and wine fare in Hokkaido's warmest authentic bistro atmosphere. Enter today! Thanks as always for using the Kutchannel, GOOD LUCK! Best regards, The Kutchannel ps: Please forward this contest info on to your friends who are coming to Niseko this year, they'll thank you for it! pss: [url=]More about The Barn[/url]
japandamo (2010-10-05 00:59:20)
Hello there,

I'm a newbie at all this, and it'll be my first time coming to Niseko this season, so I don't really think I'll have any chance of winning BUT I thought I'd try anyway. However the competition thing won't let me sign in so I have even less of a chance :( !

Hope there's something I'm doing wrong - although I've signed into this alright... :blink:

Anyway, thanks, it's a great competition by the way!
Admin (2010-10-05 01:54:13)
hmmmm... don't know what to tell you... post your prediction here and I'll make sure it gets entered for you. the format of YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS would be perfecto! when are you coming to Niseko? you may have a dinner waiting for you!
japandamo (2010-10-07 13:43:14)
Hello again, sorry, only sporadic internet access at the moment.

Alright then, my guess is 2010-11-10 06:37:54

I'll be arriving in Niseko around the start of December (or possibly before, I'm in Sapporo at the moment and I finish up in my apartment on the 26th of November so I have a few days to work with!), but it'd be great to have a meal lined up already!

Thanks million anyway, I'll be seeing you out there!
Admin (2010-10-13 20:42:43)
Sweetness, your entry has been added. Good luck!
Admin (2010-10-24 13:38:09)
Now that snow has been forecast there looks to be a bit of a rush to submit last minute entries :laugh: I'm going to shut down the entry form tonight at midnight... get your final guesses in now!
japandamo (2010-10-24 22:41:43)
Hey again,

Didn't realise we could enter more than once! Still can't sign in myself, so if you'd be so kind as to put me down for 2010-10-26 04:21:49

Thanks a million, if I win I owe you a pint.
Admin (2010-10-25 01:42:16)
Alright, you got in right under the wire (bribes work :whistle:). The list has been whittled down to everybody's most recent entry, and the entries are now listed in their entirety on [url=][/url], sorted by prediction date & time. Good luck everybody!

Now we're just waiting for a verified snow sighting. Remember that snow in the village this year is defined as snow coverage of the patio in front of [url=]The Barn[/url]. If you walk by The Barn and the patio's covered with snow, please snap a photo and either post it here or mail it to!
Admin (2010-10-26 12:21:10)
Alright people! Niseko Hirafu's first village-level snow has fallen! I've been getting phone calls all morning from all over Hokkaido. Its a bit windblown, but its definitely snowing, and in some places, HARD. Basically...

[b]WINTER 2010/2011 HAS ARRIVED![/b]

Our main man [url=]Glen Claydon[/url] of [url=]Studio343[/url] was on the spot bright and early this morning to capture the following images:

[img width=500]/images/NisekoFirstSnow-Studio343-01.jpg[/img]

[img width=500]/images/NisekoFirstSnow-Studio343-02.jpg[/img]

[img width=500]/images/NisekoFirstSnow-Studio343-03.jpg[/img]

Thanks Glen, love your work!

Now on to the contest results. I've consulted with the sponsor, and it turns out that snow definitely fell sometime between 2 and 5 am... but we can't say for sure when! Oops... :blush: hehehe. So, we are going with a 3-way tie, with each of the following 3 punters receiving a free dinner for 2 this season at [url=]The Barn[/url]!

* japandamo: 2010-10-26 04:21:49
* suryagiri: 2010-10-26 03:50:00
* dezmo101: 2010-10-26 02:32:08

We'll contact you each individually by email to schedule your free dinner.

Thanks to everybody for participating! This was the first season where we really started properly tracking entries, and the contest will improve each year going forward. A few things we learned this year...

1) The Barn removes their main patio in the winter (my bad).
2) Lots of entrants are weather-watchers and we may need to set an arbitrary cutoff date next year.
3) We may need a "First Snow Cam".
4) Collective Wisdom is pretty darn accurate! As a whole the entrants were less than 4 days off.

Thanks again. We'll do it again next year. The snow gods are smiling this year, I can feel it. See you on the slopes! Gotta cruise, I got a board to wax.
japandamo (2010-10-26 17:22:46)
Absolutely delighted! Thanks a million.

Guess I'll see you in Niseko for that pint ;)

japandamo (2010-10-26 17:26:31)
Absolutely delighted, thanks a million.

Guess I'll be meeting you for that pint when I get out there, then ;)

Cheers again,