Admin 2012-11-20 12:46:16

We have ourselves a winner. Actually... two!

I spoke with the sponsors just now. The consensus is that it snowed in the late hours of the 15th or the early hours of the 16th. Glen of 360Niseko best documented the snowfall early AM on the 16th.
The entries that fell on either side of midnight that night were:
  • emilygattinger 2012-Nov-15 18:56
  • kcrackerg 2012-Nov-16 08:30
You both win a dinner for 4 at The Barn this winter! We will be in touch this week with the details.
Another epic season begins!
Gtrain (2012-11-23 11:17:21)

Well done guys. Pass the news around. We want even more submissions next year!


kcrackerg (2012-11-26 12:09:37)

Woohoo! Got lucky this time around! Looking forward to a nice dinner.