Chishiki 2009-08-20 19:29:50
For free beer on a day in January 2010 TBD: Tell us when you think: 1) Youtei will first get dusted 2) It will first snow in the village (as determined by a little accumulation on the grass in front of Abucha 1) 3) Niseko-Hirafu will open SUBMISSIONS SO FAR ([url=]Source[/url]) [b]chunkyc[/b] 1) Youtei: October 15th 2) Village: November 10th 3) Opening Day: November 21st [b]Chishiki[/b] 1) Youtei: October 31st 2) Village: November 15th 3) Opening Day: November 28th [b]Jaws42[/b] 1) Youtei: Oct 14th 2) Village: Oct 23rd 3) Opening Day: [i]Pending[/i] [b]Gtrain[/b] 1) Youtei: 22nd Oct 2) Village: Nov 12th 3) Opening Day: 23rd Nov We're definitely having an award ceremony this year... the winners can decide the venue, but its gotta be in January to catch the seasonals. Beer me.
kwheat (2009-08-22 22:25:29)
1) Youtei - Oct 18th
2) Village - Nov 11th
3) Opening Day - Nov 21st
Chishiki (2009-10-04 21:42:53)

Apparently we had a snow sighting on Mt Youtei this afternoon. Photographic evidence courtesy of [url=]Glen Claydon[/url] via the []Japan Ski Experience[/url] Facebook status feed.

Unless I'm missing another entry on another thread somewhere, it looks like Jaws42. Dude, didn't you nail the village snow date last season? Better prime your liver, bro. CONGRATULATIONS!
Jaws42 (2009-10-05 21:28:56)
Sorry ' chunkyc ' got you by a day on the Youtei dusting.

Being back in Oz now and still got it ( give or take a few days ) i will take it. Might have to take over from channel ten's Tim bailey. Keep those 500ml gold star tins in some pow for me in January!

Opening day prediction - Saturday 28th November!

Gtrain (2009-10-06 08:03:24)
Congrats dude. Well done. Man, was that early?
chunkyc (2009-10-11 13:57:09)
Nice one jaws... 1 blood day!
YC_One (2009-10-12 20:02:20)
Temperature has dropped this weekend,
lows like 2 degrees. So call for 2) dusting
Oct 19. Opening day doesn't change
earlier due to logistics for Tokyu so 3)
Nov 21. Congrats to Jaws42. Anyway,
with so much rain this past summer (one
of the wettest on record) and snow on
Yotei so early, look forward to a 18 meter
season like the ones we used to get before
the boom!
Chishiki (2009-10-31 00:18:11)
Snow tomorrow for shiz. Jaws, that you again?
roaming (2009-10-31 15:49:23)
its snowing in kutchan right now! :)
Gtrain (2009-10-31 22:40:32)
woo hoo :woohoo:
Jaws42 (2009-11-01 17:38:03)
Did Abucha get a dusting? Who in Hirafu saw a white substance on the ground????:unsure:
Chishiki (2009-11-01 23:44:12)
No confirmation yet that you've bagged yet another nomihodai mate. I have confirmed sitings in Kutchan and Annupuri, but none of patches of fresh pow on Abucha corner.
Admin (2009-11-02 10:19:37)
"It is puking in Hirafu right now"
bull (2009-11-15 17:17:17)
being a newbie in town sorry for the dumb question but whats the chances of a 22nd NoV season opening ?Can it snow that much in a week???honestly it wouldnt suprize me .
Chishiki (2009-11-17 00:02:32)
Think the chances are pretty slim, mate. They'll need a decent base to open the resort, and we'll need more than one day of pow for that. Looks like it might snow a bit later this week though so cross your fingers!
Chishiki (2009-11-18 15:30:28)
Looks like all the fingercrossing worked ;) a foot of pow down low, and cold enough up top to keep it. Word. Get your gear ready.
That Chick From Logistics (2009-11-20 15:32:54)
When's the ritual award-ceremony where a double nomihodai will be forced upon the winner?
chunkyc (2009-11-20 15:59:26)
Looks like I have to share the glory of picking opening day with 2 other copy cats!
Chishiki (2010-01-04 21:18:01)
Let's organise a bit of drinking :woohoo: The Kutchannel owes the winners nomihodais. I'm thinking 16th or 30th of January at Bill's? Alcohol's my ideal way to honor this year's First Snow winners anyway. Whaddya reckon winners? Open to other ideas.
Jaws42 (2010-01-05 08:11:24)
Sounds good. Bugger i will be out of the country i will have to have a replacement fill in for me! Someone find Humi the J-POM he should be putting around in a SJ van somewhere!B)
Admin (2010-01-30 16:03:52)
Payback time. Come collect your prize guys! Kind of late notice. If you (or Fumi the J-Pom) can't make it tonight, we'll sort you out later this season. Wild Bill's: 8-LATE.