digglar 2010-12-15 08:01:10

The first Great Storm of the season is upon us. The dumping started this morning and has continued unabated pretty much all day. As it will tomorrow. And the next day. And so on...

Locals are nodding knowingly (and doing quick mental checks to make sure they have really winterized everything) and the newbies are walking around with sore legs and goofy grins on their mugs. Gondola fired up today and a few other lifts started cranking- whispers abound that the hooded triple should start soon , opening a gob more terrain. Niseko Village and Annupuri are also running on limited basis but should start going full bore soon as well.

Runs are fluffy, light and good times.Trees are bamboo death traps that should fill in soon enough but are currently not worth it at all- as my cheek and its new scratch slice can attest.


See ya on the slopes.