digglar 2010-12-16 03:11:38

Dumping most of the morning with some sunny patches. Still haven`t got the big clumpy, cotton ball sized mega flakes that signifies that is REALLY puking , but I reckon they are coming in this storm. Plenty of pow to be had on the runs and they opened most of the Hirafu lifts today, if not all that many runs. Off piste is still a bamboo jungle so not recommended unless you want to work on your Marlow from Heart of Darkness impression.

All in all, good times. Flat light is an issue so choose pink or yellow or something else that picks up the contours . Heavily tinted = ouch.

Parts of the groomers are groomers in name only so be careful on some of the ditches and lumps and bumps lurking on some of the courses- as my right shoulder can attest.