Gtrain 2012-10-02 11:22:29

Get in soon guys before your date is gone. I've got my submission in. I have a vibe this will be the year baby.....

Christopher (2012-10-18 08:31:29)

Good luck Gtrain! This could indeed be the year... 

Only a few more days until the deadline on October 20th.... there's still a few days in November that aren't taken.

For everbody else, there's still time! Submit your prediction today!

Gtrain (2012-11-16 11:57:30)

Looks like I missed out again! One day I will prevail and laud it over everyone like the small person I am, lol.

JAmosConsultancy (2012-11-18 11:39:00)

Well done, Jay!  I was more than two weeks off the mark - here comes another big one!

Hado (2012-11-20 11:24:52)

Niseko 360 has announced the first snowfall at village level 

Has there been a result?

If you see my entry it is fairly clear why I am asking

Admin (2012-11-20 12:44:47)

We have ourselves a winner. Actually... two!

I spoke with the sponsors just now. The consensus is that it snowed in the late hours of the 15th or the early hours of the 16th. Glen of 360Niseko best documented the snowfall early AM on the 16th.


The entries that fell on either side of midnight that night were:

  • emilygattinger 2012-Nov-15 18:56

  • kcrackerg 2012-Nov-16 08:30



You both win a dinner for 4 at The Barn this winter! We will be in touch this week with the details.


Another epic season begins!