Gtrain 2011-09-19 14:18:13
Chishiki (2011-09-23 09:37:54)
Gtrain! How goes it? You'll be happy to know that The Kutchannel's 4th annual First Snow Contest is indeed in the works. The Barn has come on again as official sponsor, offering up a dinner for 4 (with drinks!) to the lucky winner who successfully predicts this year's first snowfall in the village. The site should be up over the weekend, I'll post details here, and then it's on like Donkey Kong! Hirafu High Rollers... start your snow blowers... another epic season is on the way!
Gtrain (2011-09-23 17:50:14)
I'm going pretty well. hoping to get over for a month this season. Missed last year as I started a new job. I am going to start doing my homework, I think my last guess was miles off:laugh:

Look forward to seeing the site up and running. Where in the village will the first snow need to be recorded? On top of the Barn?

Lets try and get some movement on these boards!!!!