Chishiki 2010-09-22 13:35:21
[img size=250][/img] ps: the 3rd annual "Kutchannel Niseko Predict First Snow Contest" is coming soon... visit again soon for details.
Chishiki (2010-09-24 21:43:35)
Little late this year! :dry: Oops!
Properly documented by [url=]The Spud Gun[/url], [url=]Studio343[/url], [url=]Powderlife[/url].
Mother Nature 1 - Kutchannel 0...

...but don't call it a comeback! I've been here for years!

[video type=youtube]vimZj8HW0Kg[/video]

We still have two more dates to predict... and there may be a prize in it for the winner this year. Who's game?
* First Snow in Village (Abucha/Downtown/YamaZakana:whistle: Corner)
* Resort Opening Date
kwheat (2010-09-25 15:39:55)
Hi all!
Is it true there's already been snow on the peak??? Looks like it's going to be a warm week.
As far as predictions go, I'm going with 18th Oct for village snow and 11th Nov for season opening. After last year's late falls, I reckon it'll be a bit early this year.
Can't wait to get back to Hirafu...
Mojito (2010-09-25 16:11:26)
First Snowfall ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Oct. 21st
Opening Day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Nov. 20th
Admin (2010-09-27 16:23:32)
Hello kwheat!

Could I bother you to log back in here...
...and resubmit your village snow entry?

You'll have a shot at a free dinner at [url=]The Barn[/url] this winter!