elliqtown 2008-11-10 17:31:52
when does it usually really start to snow & the snow stay around in the village & up on the mountian ? is it looking like a normal early season or what ??
Go Native (2008-11-11 20:39:09)
Hard to say exactly what a normal start to the season is. Like everywhere else in the world early season snowfalls can vary greatly. I've been here when we've had continuous snow cover in the village from the 10th Nov and another year when there was hardly any skiable snow until well into December (that year turned out to be huge). Unless we get a big system comeing through next week it looks unlikely that lifts will be running for the opening weekend.
legacy (2008-11-13 15:22:43)
Next week looks promising. According to [url=http://weather.yahoo.co.jp/weather/jp/1b/1600.html]Yahoo Japan[/url] a cold front and some serious snow is predicted starting Monday and lasting all next week, just in time for the resort to open.
Go Native (2008-11-13 15:42:51)
Yep looking good from Sunday night onwards with the coldest air coming through on Thursday where temps should remain below freezing all day. Bring it on!