jethro 2009-12-02 01:20:52
What is up with Niseko this year? There is no snow and none forecast... Is this normal? When is the snow coming? :blink:
Chishiki (2009-12-02 01:34:32)
Yeah, was like this back in '03-'04. Don't sweat it. Even in the bad years you'll have a 3 meter base heading into February.
coach (2009-12-02 10:14:35)
lived in Hokkaido for 11 seasons, compared with a bad season in north america, I can never say I had a bad one, not even close, be patient (and maybe work on your quads in the meantime) and when the cold winds from Siberia start pumping you'll forget about the slow start to the season, the white gold will come!
That Chick From Logistics (2009-12-02 12:57:13)
I'm fine with a late late start as long as it doesn't rain in January. :angry: