Paul Haggart 2016-02-01 04:07:58
The Niseko Police and Niseko Town are currently looking for a German National who arrived in Japan on the 24th January 2016. When entering the country she listed her destination as Niseko and went skiing in Tomamu Resort on the 30th Jan 2016. Tomamu Resort has a policy of registering anyone going backcountry and gives them a band to go on their arm. This ladies band was never returned and there are no records of her staying in the Tomamu area. It is possible that she simply forgot to hand the band back to the Resort Staff. To be sure we need to track this person down. DETAILS: HANSEN LYDIA SARAH DOB 1979.10.27 German National Please contact: Paul Haggart Niseko Town Council (Tourism and Industry Division) 0136-44-2121 if you have any information that could help us find Ms Hansen. It is our priority to exaust all channels to make sure she is safe.
barberry (2016-02-03 10:29:04)
A photo would be helpful